We all use our kitchens in different ways so kitchen design is a personal process. Before engaging the aid of a kitchen designer, take time to list things you want the new kitchen to do that the current one doesn’t.

Don’t worry about the design just focus on the wants and needs. For example: – what things would you like to consider?

  • Accessible storage for the things now on the countertop (list items),
  • more working counter space for (e.g. baking),
  • storage and or access for small appliances (list),
  • replace the table with some sort of eat-at facility,
  • take cabinetry to the ceiling, etc.

Engage family and friends to participate. This is the dream stage so it doesn’t matter how long the list is. However, at some point the budget will likely require compromises so prioritize the “must haves”, “would be nice to have” and “like to consider”.

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