The advantages of custom cabinetry are substantial.

Most kitchen companies offer only “semi-custom” cabinets

purchased from specialty manufacturers that provide a library of standard cabinet sizes and styles. While these can be modified somewhat, the concept of semi-custom has limitations in terms of space utilization and overall design options. Various manufacturers appeal to different market segments, but the primary focus is the lower to mid quality range.

Custom cabinets don’t have the same limitations.

Custom to us means the ability to design, build and install kitchen and other cabinetry with almost limitless freedom to personalize to our clients’ needs. It also means using only the best materials and processes to ensure long-term durability and satisfaction.

Key Advantages of Coxson-McInnis Custom Cabinetry

  • The LOOK you want: Greater design flexibility means that many obstacles present in existing homes that were never designed to have contemporary cabinets or appliances can be overcome.
  • The LAYOUT and FEATURES you want: Our cabinets are purpose-built and scalable, which means that we can often incorporate desirable features, such as an island, where space and standard cabinets would not normally allow.

  • The FUNCTIONS you want: Modern kitchens are the centre of household activity and demand functional elements and accessories that can be personalized to individual family needs. Every cabinet is created for you. A custom kitchen is an investment in your lifestyle.
  • The VALUE you expect: Value can only be determined over time. The grade of materials used, construction method, calibre of hinges, hardware and craftsmanship are all essential to functional durability that stands the test of time. Cabinets that are built to last will improve the value and enjoyment of your home.

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