There was a time when cabinets were the main architectural detail in the kitchen but that’s changed with appliances, countertops, floors and backsplashes now playing very important roles. All of these have gone decidedly upscale and meant to be noticed. Unfortunately you can only have so many strong elements in the same room before they all start to compete and distract from each other.

Today the role of the cabinets has changed from the main feature in the kitchen to one that supports the other strong elements by holding everything together. It’s also a key reason why white cabinets are so popular. White acts as a neutral and provides clean separation between the other elements helping them to be features by getting the attention they need.

The beauty of white is that it makes whatever you put with it look fresh. It’s also the only traditional colour for kitchen cabinets. The current cabinet colour choice trend is

toward the cleaner whites like Simply White, Cotton Balls, Decorator’s White and Chantilly Lace, all from Benjamin Moore.  However some of the more traditional off-whites like Cloud white are still very desirable to many people especially if it’s the colour of the trim throughout their home.

Three of the most popular kitchen cabinet door styles are also a back to the future story. Shaker doors are always considered to be contemporary but actually date back to the 1800’s and other current flat panel styles like our Belmont and Bordeau were created in the 1930’s. The simple honesty of these designs makes them effortlessly beautiful and that will never change.

The biggest change kitchen in the scope of the average kitchen renovation in the Oakville and Burlington is a substantial increase in the investment level in order to use premium quality products. Quartz countertops, hardwood floors and commercial grade appliances are high on many priority lists.

These products are meant to be long-term decisions so it’s very important that the overall look of the kitchen will not date. While the role of the cabinets may have changed, your choice of cabinet door style and colour is still one of the most important home improvement decisions you will make.

If you are looking for a timeless kitchen, you can’t go wrong with a classic flat panel style door in a beautifully fresh white painted finish.

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