For your kitchen to be really efficient, the things you use every day need to have a home that is readily accessible. Two of the most frequently used kitchen items are cutting boards and baking sheets and they are also two of the most awkward to conveniently store.

Relatively inexpensive vertical dividers made of sturdy ¼” chrome plated wire and designed specifically for this purpose are readily available. They are sold individually and can be easily retrofitted to any full depth cabinet. You can set the spacing to accommodate wider or narrower items as required so that you get the best use out of available space.

Aside from cutting boards and cookie sheets, vertical dividers are a great way to deal with other frequently used large items such as serving trays, casserole dishes, really anything that you can store on it’s edge.

If you have a full depth cabinet over the fridge it’s the best place in the kitchen to find space for this type of storage. This cabinet is often poorly used anyway because it’s hard to reach but, since you only need to be able to reach the bottom of the cabinet at the front edge, it’s a great place for vertical storage.

The cabinet over the fridge will only work if it is not more than 20” deep. The alternative would be to allocate part or all of any base cabinet for this purpose. Dividers work best when they are spaced approximately 6 “ apart. Much wider and things fall over, much less and nothing fits.

Vertical dividers are a simple, easy and affordable way to improve the storage and efficiency of your kitchen.

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